The Universal Sovereign Grand Lodge, originally SGLU, was born in the south of America by 7 Regular Lodges who  decided, cuase of emigration, to create an international Power to give the possibility to all the emigrated Brothers to work in their native language.

We were regulary constituited with a Patent recognized by three international grand Powers, and obviously with Lodges and Brothers who had worked in the regular Freemasonry.

Now we have treaty of friendship and mutual recognize in all over the world, and active Federations in Albania, Italy, Macedonia, Kosovo, Brasil, Paraguay and Canaria’s Islands (Spain).

The SGLU is in continue growing and our experience allowed us to be part of the Supreme Council of 33° SRAA of Italy, to join in a lot of Confederations, to be part of importants international Masonic Projects and to be integrant member of the Masonic Consulate of Brasil.

If you are searching for a real Freemasonry, without proselitism and without Lodges that operate like a business club, we are happy to wait for your application.

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